We provide all of our clients with their own playbook,
arming them with actionable-intelligence and data-driven analysis
needed to accomplish their most ambitious goals.

Network Partners

Playbook Inc. has negotiated million-dollar deals for its clients
with countless world renowned networks, such as...

Playbook's Leadership


Reed Bergman

Bergman's power, leadership, connection and legacy have made Playbook. Inc. the most innovative agency in sports and entertainment.



(470) 299-5293

Andrew Sirk

Sirk is focused on making investments in agencies and properties to build a diverse portfolio for Playbook.

Chief Operating Officer


(470) 299-5293

Kristin Bredes LaFemina

LaFemina works directly with clients identifying opportunities, negotiating contracts, and providing advice for career development.

EVP, Client Services


(516) 724-0047

Playbook Inc.

Email: info@playbookinc.com

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